Formed as a rapid response labour agency, our company, Active Workforce, cover temporary and permanent staffing fitted to your busy schedule. We are the first port of call to supply labour connecting to huge agencies dealing with emergency flooding across Europe and the UK. We are here to manage the tedious work with ease, so you can spend time excelling in your main business. We also offer to accept personal subcontracts, whatever your speciality may be, and grant you an access into the larger world of work. Our work hugely varies across many areas, for example: emergency flood response, scaffolding, cleaning, environmental support and many more. We offer the most professional, straight-forward, and best quality service rates nationwide and even though we are a newly formed enterprise, we are already forming partnerships by the hour. This ranging to some of the most prestigious companies in the entirety of Europe. For example, SERVO, a huge security company that manages contracts and lay tracks for the trains your friends and family need to catch every day to work. Picking Active Workforce is your first step towards a successful and wealthy business, all you have to do is contact us with the details below and you’ll be one step ahead of the game. Email -